We would like to invite you to become a sponsor for our foundation to promote country

You probably are already familiar with the ‘bullit country’ web site through which we promote country by giving information and maintaining an agenda. We are promoting country music, line dancing and everything else ‘country’. Through our web site, all our information is available free of charge to people all around the world. Once a month we distribute an electronic newsletter to around 10.000 subscribers in Holland, Belgium,, Germany and even in the UK and the US.


Maintaining a website is more costly than some of us realize: the hosting, owning a domain name, designing forms, sending the newsletter through a separate e-mail service provider, it all adds up. But it pays off, it makes our services professional and reliable .


Without the funding through donations and sponsorships however, we will not be able to maintain this level of service. We therefore like to invite you to become a member of our Bullitcountry foundation for the new year, starting in August (as bullitcountry was founded in August).


Become a sponsor: for a minimum of €50,- your become a sponsor for the period August ... until August ...subsequent year. Your name will be listed on our site as well as in our newsletter.


Main sponsor: If you are interested to become one of the main sponsors of our foundation, then please contact Hans Boelens to learn more about the possibilities and the terms and conditions.


We will be happy to send you a formal invoice matching your donations, if so required. We will mail it to you as a pdf document. As the foundation is tax-exempt, no VAT will be withheld. We will send you the invoice before you transfer the donation, so that you can refer to the invoice in your payment data.


We like to thank you for your gifts and your sponsorships showing your appreciation of our efforts to promote country music.


If you prefer your donation to be anonymous, then please determine who much you would like to contribute. We will not include you in the sponsor list on our site.

  Payments can be done to the foundation’s bank account:St. BullitCountry Info te Helmond Nederland
IBAN: NL05 ABNA 0590 4355 90
Please clearly mention your name or the name of the club, foundation, artist or band etc.
As soon as we receive your payment, we will update out site with your lisitng.

Name of those who donated  will be listed on oure website and in oure magazine


Postal address Fundation BullitCountry info & agenda page 

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